The Key Benefits of a Cloud-Native Architecture

Why Cloud-Native?
During your exploration of the cloud ecosystem, you may have heard the term ‘cloud-native’ thrown around a lot. It’s not without reason. Building a cloud-native architecture is the difference between lifting-and-shifting your on-premises design and redesigning your system to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

Starting on the cloud is an opportunity to take advantage of the flexibility, performance and diversity of the services made available to you. Through consideration of the system’s non-functional requirements, and the design options available on the cloud, a cloud-native system can be built.

Building for Scalability
How does your architecture respond to a worst-case scenario, such as a power-out, surge in demand or faulty deployment?

These are some of the most difficult problems when designing an on-premises system. Order an excess of compute and memory to handle potential demand, and waste your resources if things don’t go as planned. Build out too many backups and redundant systems, and your complexities and inefficiencies grow.

The Cloud-Native Mindset Unlocking the real benefits of cloud requires more than just the lift-and-shift of your IT estate to a cloud provider. To deliver real business value, to improve the agility of the business, and to lower the cost of IT, requires a different mindset. Download our free whitepaper to discover how the adoption of cloud-native design and operational patterns will deliver scale, resiliency, and agility for both for the business and developers.

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