How to Go From Automation to Augmentation

As artificial intelligence and automation technologies develop, there will be a natural shift from using automation to solve customers’ existing problems to offering solutions customers weren’t even aware they needed.

Often, robotic automation is understood to mean taking over swathes of back-office and internal functions. Others see it as freeing employees from repetitive, boring and error-prone tasks. Both can be correct, but of course neither is the whole picture.

Why You Need Intelligent Automation?

Here are four reasons why you need Intelligent Automation in the current era:

  1. To scale up Augmented Workforce with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities
  2. To scale up Augmented Workforce with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities
  3. To meet ever-evolving customer service expectations by building ‘customer-first from anywhere’ approach
  4. To derive the most from the Human/Bot partnerships

From a service operations perspective, bringing people and robots together to achieve real-time responsiveness is the ideal solution. The additional virtual “agent” resides on each employee’s desktop and automatically jumps in to help during customer interactions.

Download this resource to understand the best practices in the automation-augmented ecosystem and how to leverage automation to scale up Augmented Workforce in IT and process governance to people management, operations and customer experience.

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