ROI of AP Automation: Medical Facilities

The risks of inefficient accounts payable processes couldn’t be higher for medical facilities:

  • Manual AP processes are error-prone, which makes it challenging to maintain accurate records and ensure compliance.
  • Complex multi-entity corporate structures can lead to errors in expense allocation, approval bottlenecks, and overall inefficiency.
  • Field managers become inundated with paperwork, struggle to access necessary invoice details, or lack the tools to conveniently approve payments while on the go.
  • Business expansion creates even more challenges, presenting the AP team with additional rules, regulations, and processes for each new entity.
  • You feel locked in to your current solution, as many finance teams are spooked by the perceived costs and risks to reconfiguring their ERP and existing workflows.

AP automation can reduce these risks (without disruption to the ERP!). This report equips you with the necessary framework and formulas to build a compelling business case.


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