Harness the Transformative Power of Data

It’s no secret that the data landscape is changing. With the explosion in data volume, variety, and speed, organizations need to move beyond the constraints of legacy data management platforms.

Data growth opens up enormous opportunities for insight and innovation. However, many organizations are experiencing frustration. Users have concerns about data quality, consistency, and completeness. Many organizations are modernizing by migrating to the cloud, seeking greater scalability, flexibility, cost elasticity, and speed of deployment.

This is where Rackspace Technology comes into play – through this ebook, find out how Rackspace Technology and Microsoft's recent collaboration with TDWI, renowned for its expertise in data and analytics research, has yielded a comprehensive report. This report discusses six “pillars” essential to taking advantage of new opportunities to build business value in the new data landscape.

Get your copy to learn how to:

  • Unleash innovation by ensuring your data strategy supports your goals
  • Increase your data set quality so it becomes a valuable business asset
  • Enhance your data culture by improving data literacy across your enterprise

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