Connected Ecosystems, Distributed Infrastructure for Digital-First Business

A new set of requirements have emerged as businesses are infusing digital technologies into their business processes and operations. One of the reasons that the shift to digital first is challenging is that infrastructure needs to reside in new locations to support innovation in highly distributed environments. Building a truly scalable digital platform to support data, customers, and operations in new locations seems out of reach for many organizations as most cannot build their own. Organizations are also recognizing the benefits of leveraging an ecosystem of partners to improve resiliency and gain competitive advantage.

Among the most important requirements are the ability to access IT services everywhere, connect with cloud providers, and operate with a high degree of autonomy. An ecosystem approach has emerged as a viable route to transforming to digital first. Trusted ecosystems provide access to digital platforms that can scale with ease to all locations; support interconnected, cloudlike architectures; and operate with a high level of autonomy across all these locations. Leaders that are able to understand the changing needs of their business, embrace an ecosystem approach to building digital capabilities, and rely on trusted partners will be better prepared for the future.

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