Unleashing AI and HPC's Potential: A Revolutionary Path

HPC has been solving complex problems at extreme speeds and now AI has emerged as a stepping stone of innovation that has reshaped industries and redefined possibilities. The essence of AI can be harnessed by the power of HPC.

The Symbiotic Relationship: AI and HPC

AI uses HPC in the sense of extreme scalability, and parallel processing is applied to tasks including machine learning. The symbiosis of AI and HPC has now become more evident with 80% of HPC users relying on HPC for the progress of AI technologies. This manifests the crucial role HPC applications play in AI development.

Intersect 360 Research Reports Use Cases Reveal The Following

  • The fusion of HPC and AI opens doors to a myriad of applications
  • Endless possibilities from image processing and natural language processing to computational steering of HPC simulations
  • This convergence increases profitability, opens new opportunities, and provides deeper insights (with 88% of HPC consumers saying that their insights were significantly improved)

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