Dell EMC CloudIQ:AIOps for IntelligentIT Infrastructure Insights

As IT becomes increasingly distributed, machine learning is playing an essential role helping IT managers keep pace. The Dell EMC CloudIQ AIOPs application, from Dell Technologies, is changing the infrastructure management game; leveraging intelligence to provide actionable insights and integrated automation across its broad IT portfolio. CloudIQ simplifies and accelerates IT operations and helps often-overworked IT staff to keep their entire IT environment running properly. If you use Dell Technologies products, you should also be leveraging CloudIQ

As businesses become more digital, demands on IT increase in scale, diversity, and complexity. For organizations to keep pace, IT itself must therefore become more productive—with technology becoming smarter to augment scarce personnel. IT organizations need to pursue this proactive approach. They must seek out tools that provide them with better insight. Consider the data center modernization investment priorities for 2021 of IT managers surveyed by ESG:

  • 33% say they will be investing in more remote monitoring/management technology to manage their data center infrastructure.
  • 25% say they will be investing in more data center automation tools1 to help with systems management tasks such as detecting anomalous resource utilization, proactive failure alerts, or automatic policy management.

The future lies in the use of machine learning technology combined with detailed telemetry data to give smart people the insights they need to do more, along with integrated automation to expedite IT operations, accelerate issue identification and diagnosis, and support the organization's AIOps objectives. What if a tool like that were included with the infrastructure that you are already using—a tool that is able to span multiple technologies to provide a more complete vision? CloudIQ is designed to be that kind of tool.

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