Manufacturers' Perspectives on Modernizing with Edge Computing and 5G

The use cases behind today's success stories are as varied as manufacturing subsectors, but themes are emerging: Connected worker, overall equipment effectiveness, predictive maintenance, production quality, yield optimization, enhanced logistics, production optimization and digital twins are among the most common manufacturing edge use cases.

Edge computing with AI and streaming data analytics is increasingly deployed for use cases such as predictive maintenance, computer vision, production quality and digital twins, all of which require analyzing vast volumes of multi-dimensional data such as images, audio and sensor readings from connected devices and equipment and other assets.

Certain use cases, such as those that enable the connected worker to be more productive and safer, rely on high-speed and ultra-low latency connectivity, such as Wi-Fi and cellular, to deliver just-in-time productivity and safety information. Other emerging use cases, such as augmented reality and mixed reality for maintenance and training applications, will require the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of 5G networks to solve age-old connectivity and Wi-Fi data throughput issues.

Together, these technologies and use cases can help manufacturers give their customers what they want when they want it: innovative, high-quality products at competitive prices.

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