Now is The Time to Modernise Your Data

With the ever-increasing volumes of data companies are collecting today, most are trying to harness and use it to power their decision-making processes. But much of the data is still improperly stored, hard to access, and impossible to interpret in its raw state.

Adding to the challenge, many companies are still utilising legacy on-premises databases that come with escalating licensing fees and rising costs associated with managing and maintaining physical infrastructure. These legacy databases require companies to hire, train, and retain staff with a certain level of expertise — a task that’s increasingly difficult as they face budget constraints and fallout from the great resignation.

To extract data and use it for driving meaningful business decisions, it first needs to be migrated to the cloud in a modern database platform.

Through this ebook, learn more about the benefits of migrating to a modern database in the cloud and how Rackspace Technology can help kickstart your migration journey.

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