Bet Your Money on Web Performance

Undeniably, success in e-commerce nowadays requires a commitment to visual media. Shoppers expect at least a baseline level of product information and analysis in pictorial form—a minimum of eight images for a product they’re interested in, up from just three as recently as 2016.

Unoptimized images lead to page bloat and increase page load time. A slower website means lower revenue.

Cloudinary's webinar "Bet Your Luck on Web Performance" explains why is web performance an urgent problem and how does rich media impact web performance. Discover how Cloudinary's Media Optimizer improves the overall web experience.


  • Tim Kadlec, Performance Engineering Fellow, Webpage Test / Catchpoint
  • Yaron Reichart, Director of Product, Cloudinary

Key Points:

  • Putting SEO in Context: Google Search Central
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Introduction: Cloudinary Media Experience Platform
  • Media Optimizer; Key Benefits
  • Automated Image and Video Optimization

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